Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

Hammered texture - silver earrings

While I was in the 9th class we had to have a work internship (this was still in Bremen, I had another one in Leipzig because they have it at the 10th class). The wife of my uncle was a goldsmith (he is a silver smith) and I was allowed to work in her workshop. She taught me to saw and file and torch copper and silver. At first just copper until I learned at least the basics ;) I already showed the things I made here. So after seeing some weekend workshop to work with silver I was happy to be finally able to play again with metal and have all the good tools available as well as some good guidance and help.

After I finished my first earrings (that I can't show you because they will be a christmas present) I searched for some inspirations and tutorials and found this one from objects and elements! So I went for it, just changed the overall design a little bit for myself and am really pleased with the outcome. I love the tribal style quality :) Of course I spend the leftover time playing with surfaces and made the little silver beads below as well as the little closure from a leftover silver wire piece. 

Sadly silver is quite expensive... sniff! But the good side: The workshop has open days once a months where you can come and work there (and it is not really expensive!). More to play ;)

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