Samstag, 28. Dezember 2013

Polymer in pink and some advent calendar impressions

This box was made for the pink advent calendar. So of course I can only show it now to you (all the little packages safely open now). I used fimo classic, swaroswki stones, paynes grey and magenta acrylic paint (Reeves) and last but not least swellegant silver (Christi Friesen) for the accents on top!

It was difficult to try to catch all the depth of the colour and especially the great pink purple shades. This was the best I could manage but believe me it doesn't do reality justice :)

Some side views! 

And yes, I made advent calendars. Also, like every year I forget to take pictures in time ^^ So here are just a few impressions!

With little number tags made out of polymer clay... 

One for my parents, one for my little sister, one for my little brother, one for Rumpel and a pink one for a dear friend of mine :)

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