Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

Shape and colour - all the difference

I already told you about the old czech beads I got from Rumpels mom and even showed you some of them in the past. Here are the little light pink beads. I am always surprised to use the description pink in english because in german pink is really just the bright magenta or Barbie pink and this light colour would be "rosa". ;)

The basic colour of the polymer clay I used for the beads of both earrings is sand. But in the upper ones I combined it with white acrylic paint and in the ones down below with raw umber. I just love the differences you can get only by choosing the contrasting colour. And if you saw my pink earrings from yesterday, yes, the same ornaments on top. I use old jewelery to make molds and pattern stamps out of them, shaping the bead form after setting the impression in the clay.

And here the picture of the whole length. I love the strong colour accent with the red swaroski and dark purple facetted glass bead.

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