Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

Lines and circles - polymer clay earrings

Okay, I have to admit, I am really fast with finding new favorites. The beads are made with polymer clay (as always, Fimo classic). I created a new kind of stamp / mold to create the structures. I really like this pattern created of thin lines. My molds are made from other fimo, from air-drying clay, sometimes with silicon but it is sooooo expensive. So no silicon rubber putty whatever mold for me right now. Especially because I love making so many new patterns and structures all the time. Just yesterday I collected new plant stuff and baked some more molds with polymer clay. 

I panted them with acrylic colours (Reeves). The original colour of the clay was a light blue. Yes, I really love the original colours of the polymer clay but somehow along the way it is not me. It always needs something more, more layers of colour, sometimes bold but most of them very subtle. I am always using more than just two or three different colours. Especially for bigger projects there is always something to add as well as to hide. But I learned that a lot of colours change there nuance depending on the underlying colour. So even if the other colour is hidden, it still has a major effect in the end result!

I carved the back in form to create a round effect. I like the cared or hammered look so I didn't smooth the rough cornes but enhanced them with colour!

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