Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

All the little ones...

I realized that althought I make lots of earring studs I just don't show them very often at my blog. One reason is that they sell really good at fairs... but I didn't attend at even just a single fair this year. First new year, moving, being some months in korea... 

And people like to buy them because it happens often that they like my work and style but the other earrings and stuff I make is to expensive for them. But some earrings studs are something nice and small to take away from a fair and also make a nice small gift.  

Still, the main reason to make them is another one. It is to try new colours, material, effects, stamps and / or structures! 

You see, I just used two different stamps on all the studs but due to the colours the effect is quite divers. 

And I still have a lot more... I just need to make more pictures! ^^

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