Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

Letters and leaves...

The letters are pressed in very thin slides of polymer clay. The original colour was some kind of rose quartz polymer clay (Fimo effect). This colour has some sparcling powder in it but especially also a little part of translucent clay. Even if you don't see much of the original colour anymore because I painted it with acrylic paint in black and used inka gold for the gold-green colour, still, it creates the effect of something very light. 

In fact the polymer clay "leaves" are very light weight and even flexibel. You can bend them quite a lot without breaking them. Rather more than fimo classic clay. The polymer clay was formed by hand to create this rather organic look. 

I was a little bit surprised how well the rich green or rather green-gold colour fits to the slight pink / rose colour. I repeated the colour combination with the little facetted glas beads. I think I will have to make more like these, organic and thin structures, in the next time!


  1. Die Farben und das Material find ich richtig toll, nur das Buchstabenmuster ist in der Kombination jetzt nicht so ganz meins... aber mit organischen Strukturen stell ich mir das spektakulär vor! :)

  2. Those are really nice, I love the bead dangles in those matched colors. Unusual combo, so pretty!

  3. Your earrings are gorgeous and you show such beautiful skill with the clay.



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