Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Letters in blue...

Polymer clay tube beads. I rolled the clay around a knitting needle (sorry no pictures here, but I'll try to show you how I made them. I already have several of them ;) ), stamped it roughly and cut it after baking. Yes, after baking. The clay is thin enough that you can cut easily with a sharp knife or scalpell through the baked clay. The really good thing doing it like this: The tube won't bend at all! 

Like most of the time: I used Fimo classic as polymer clay and acrylic paint from Reeves. The facetted glas beads are from a bracelet I bought in south korea. Sometimes buying finished jewelry pieces, deconstruct them and use the material is much cheaper than buying the beads (or other parts) alone. It is like the issue with fabric for sewing... Quite often the fabric is way more expensive than the finished piece in the store... 

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  1. Wonderful ideas! Dein Schmuck ist so schön!!! Liebe Grüße katrin



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