Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

Deep blue - earrings

What can I say? I made a lot experimental beads from my new structures resulting in a lot of new earrings! One has to try different shapes as well as colours, nai? ;)

Quite simple from the shape but the structure with all the different layers of colour (as always, acrylic paint from Reeves) creates the interesting depth for me.

You may wonder why I always write down the kind of paint I am using? I had so many fails with cheap acrylic paints and even with the high quality acrylic paints there were sometimes some issues using them on polymer clay. Of course also every brand of polymer clay reacts in a different way with the acrylic paints. So for me using Fimo classic the paints from Reeves are my favorite choice. Bright colours which attach really good and form to the clay (not this strange plastic layer that you can rubb off from the cheap paints) and the paint itself has a great consitency to use it with... fingers. Ehm... yes... I am using my fingers to apply paint. Most of the time...  Sighs.

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