Freitag, 4. November 2011

I never showed you this stamps!

As you see this are really basic stamps. I made them all from the rubber of normal school erasers )the really cheap ones ^^). I like the random background / muster stamps and I think there is always a need for a lot of arrow stamps! Don't you think so? And tags... no one should ever forget tag stamps! 

And a little castle... and a tiny house... and just a square. But sometimes you need a square! And don't forget I am just using a black ink pad to test and show the stamps. I think a lot of them would be quite cool in a lighter colour to create some kind of background texture.

I am really sorry I forgot to take pictures how I carved the stamps. I wanted to because especially a tag or an arrow is quite easy to do even for your first own handcarved stamp :)


  1. I should start out my stamp carving with things like these - they are all really cute and great for a beginner! Love the argyle and the open arrow especially!

  2. I love stamping and your designs are fabulous - I adore the little house and that tag especially <3

  3. I love stamps too, I have got everything here to do some, but I never find the time. the castle is wonderful!



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