Sonntag, 13. November 2011


I forgot to put something in the pictures so you get an impression of the actual size: The little key or the foot of the homunculus are about 1 cm (ca. 0,4 inch). 

I made this one (and his book ^^) already some time ago as a birthday present for a friend. It is my first homunculus (or better to say: my first human-like work with polymer clay). 

Yes, the six fingers and finger nails on the hand are on purpose! You see his little earring?

And his little tail...

...all the scars and stiching lines (hey, he is an homunculus!)...

...a little skirt for modesty...

...and a big potato like nose!

I even like the effect of my finger prints on the surface...

The eyeballs are made with 3D laquer...

And I used a tiny wee bit of my own hair for him.

I just cut in the cured polymer clay with a sharp knife and afterwards used acrylic water paint which went into the lines. Otherwise they would have been invisible :)

And yes, I need a lot more of practice but for my first piece I like the result. :)

The little book is useable! I printed some tiny sheets with a strange language and some pictures which suits into the homunculus theme and glued and sewed them together. A little bit of acrylic water paint, some cardboard and silver leather for the book cover.. that was it! 


  1. He is amazing! And so funny, cute and dignified! My favorite parts are the painted finger-and-toenails, and the scar!!! The book is beautiful, too. How did you learn to speak Homunculus?

  2. Der ist ja toll... irgendwie gruselig, aber das gehört ja nun so. Und das kleine Buch ist auch total nett. =)

  3. more practice? Are you KIDDING me? No way I believe this is your first!

  4. Amazing! It is perfect! The first one, you are kidding, aren ´t you? I like his strong face. Wow. :)

  5. @centi: Du hast Recht.. das gehört sich auch irgendwie so... ^^ Aber ich mag den echt gerne, auch wenn er jetzt in einem Glasbehälter einer Freundin schwimmt!



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