Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Crochet necklace - something simple...

...but I still really like it. I made some more already ;) Just with different yarn and little changes to the design (which I had for some time now as a handwritten copy from a friend). Most of the time I am trying a pattern at first and then starting to make my own variations. Lachafa is way more flexible than I am and just crochet freehand all the time! (Sweetheart, did you finish the pattern for me? ^^) But I am growing in my skills more and more and I love to realize how fast that can be!

To start with a big project like a afghan was perfect for me because my hands got back to the movement, the rhythm and flow taking stitch for stitch. Although the afghan changed into an UFO (at some point it was way too heavy to take with me all the time and most of my crochet  am doing while talking with friends), it taught me a lot just by doing it.

To quote my sister (she said this yesterday ^^): Just start!

This is really the most important thing next to: Don't be afraid of wasting stuff! If it is gone, be it! No difference to lying in the stash :)

And yes, there will be beaded versions too :)


  1. Completely beautiful! I love it in that color, so rich and old fashioned. I would love to see a beaded version!

  2. ...simple? Hell I want to see what you call difficult! It's beautiful <3

  3. that's really lovely! <3 doesn't look simple at all, but hey, good for you if you think it is :D

  4. What I love about crochet is that it looks complex but it really isn't, once you know a few stitches. However, it took me YEARS to come to this conclusion. Now I have to follow your lead and make small and beautiful things with my new(ish) skill, something I have yet to do.

    Your necklace is gorgeous!



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