Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Finally some to show...

I made the first round of butterfly earrings some time ago (have a look here). This one (as well as the other pair of earrings) I made for a friend. You can see how they evolve from the first time I made them to the next times. Now the butterflies are covered with a laquer-like surface. This time it consist of several layers of clear embossing powder. 

I couldn't show you them before she got them :) The card is one of my transfers done with aceton (look here). 

The other earrings are made out of air-drying clay which I stamped with some wooden fabric stamps. 

More stuff I made with air-drying clay: click here ^^

And as every year around this time: There are a lot of other earrings in production which I can only show you in some time (first: They still have to be finished, and second: A lot of them will fill advent calendars)


  1. So beautiful!! <3 The butterflies really haven some refreshing spring/summer feeling to them. Nice to look at in this cold time of the year. And the shining layer with lacquer catches the light very nicely!

  2. Lovely! The embossing powder makes a really great finish - I have never used it, did you melt if with a heat gun? Great idea: advent calendar earrings!



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