Freitag, 11. November 2011

Everything changes to an earring in my hands!

I found this little cones in the art supply store at the main station. The lighter one are the bleached variations of the dark ones. I had them in my hand and their size and structure is so simple and yet beautiful in the complicated pattern of the surface...

I cut the upper end and drilled a little hole in it. All with my dremel! I couldn't do without it anymore ^^ The silver wire is glued into the cone.

The little earing holder is just a piece of a toilet paper role glued on recycled cardboard and I used my new carved arrow stamps (just in case you didn't notice ;) ).

One of my friends suggested silver colour on one of the cones and I tried it. I like the result although the next time I will use another paint (acrylic paint, Reeves) or maybe just add some retarder... we'll see :)

PS: I am sorry for the long breaks between every entry at the moment but there are some issues in my family and also with friends which just needs more attention than my blog. First things first... but hopefully everything will get better with the time and then I'll take my time to make pics of all the stuff I got done. Although I slowed done my craftings I didn't stop them (otherwise I would have gone insane up until now!) so there is still a lot I can show you :)

PPS: I just can say thanks here to an anonym comment who helped me with some little errors I made. Would love to write it to you on a more direct way but also hope this may be sufficient :)


  1. They are gorgeous! Did you buy the bleached ones, or did you bleach the brown ones yourself? I would love to know how to get the beautiful bleached result.

    You're right - first things first for sure. People are more important! But I always love to see your lovely things, so I'm happy for the photos, even when you don't have time for a tutorial.

  2. so pretty Claire! pinecones are precious and you've made the loveliest earrings from them. i also am a huge fan of how you've hung them! so clever to use the toilet roll in this way!!!



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