Montag, 26. September 2011

Beloved owls...

This is an image made with my new owl stamp. Not a small one this time because I would love to use it also on fabric. 

You have to know that this image comes from the fabric of the bed linen I had as a child and which were also used by my sibling. 

I nearly forgot it but my sister gave me some of the cut bed linen (don't worry, there is another one with different colours in the memory collection of my parents :) ). Strange how something which was so ordinary now changes to something so special! I just had to smile and I'll make a cuddle pillow just for myself with the fabric! 

I just made a foto with my digi and printed the image in black and white. From this print I cut out on of the owls. I went over the back with a pen to create a kind of copy paper for image transfer.

If you put this side over the rubber and trace the lines of the image they'll go over the rubber. Perfect for carving! But be careful, never ever use too much pressure or you may scratch the rubber. And of course I also made a stamp for the bigger star! 

I found the design for the bed linen in a brown and white combination at smafolk (a danish design, they have also beautiful kids clothes!). But not with other colours (the one stored is green :) )... It must be purchased at the early eighties... or even earlier? So if any of you find one of the other coloured owl fabrics and / or bed linen... please, please, please.... send me a piece! 

The owl would be sweet for cards and tag... but also for fabric! (Okay, my fabric stamp pad is nearly empty...)

I love it!

4 Kommentare:

  1. special little owl stamp Claire... It will always bring you back to those sweet childhood memories!

  2. ... und jetzt machst du dir einfach deine bettwäsche selbst :o)

  3. Oah! So eine schöne dicke Eule! Total niedlich.

  4. So cute! i love it, thanks for sharing.



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