Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Look in the eyes!

A little card with an octopus image...

Just black and white... but with a little special: Look in the eyes!

Maybe you should click on the picture to get a better view :)

With tiny drops of a 3D glue I created the lenses of the eyes. 

Hu... all the possibilities! 

Mh... I wrote this blog entry some time ago... some months ago.. seems I forgot to post it ^^


  1. Those eyes are mesmerizing... I don't want to look too much or he'll get me with his tentacles!

    Ooh a hidden post? I have a few a those but none good enough to post I don't think. Most are just scraps of ideas that were never finished... Maybe I should go back and take a look. Maybe I'll find a gem like this one, eh?

  2. das motiv find ich super, aber hast du es gedruckt oder via transfer auf den karton gebracht. was ich so toll finde - früher bevor wir uns kannten - fand ich octopuse nicht schön und jetzt sehe ich sie mit ganz anderen augen - ein bissel mit deinen augen könnte man sagen. lg und mach langsam, ja !!



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