Freitag, 16. September 2011

Just the stuff lying aroung...

Another picture (collage) I made (also while being on formentera). 

As the title of this blog entry says: I made this with stuff I had at hand at that moment. I liked the picture which I used as the basic. From a spanish (or english? don't really remember) magazine which all family members already read or just looked through... I cut out some leafs also from a magazine and a butterfly... some text... 

Okay, you see it. Or maybe you can see it if you look at the picture in more detail (just click on it, this time I used a higher resolution for uploading than usually!). Because I painted over all the stuff so often that it is not always to see where I glued one piece over another one ^^

The text is a kind of wordplay in german... but not really to translate. You could read it as "to know science" or more "knowledge creates knowledge"... (and for the german readers, yes, it is not perfect, in one case a f is missing... but still, I like what you can read in this :) ).

Wissenschaft - Science
Wissen - knowledge
schaffen (schafft) - to create
wissen - to know

And also, yes, everything in this picture has a reason, even the number ;)

3 Kommentare:

  1. hast du das auch heute nacht gemacht ?? du verrückte DU :o) sieht super aus - ich mag die farben

  2. It's gorgeous! Now you must tell me what 52 means. I love the painting, it looks so organic and intricate - above any "magazine cut out" collage I've ever seen.

  3. It reminds me of lace your collage. Very beautiful metallic lace!



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