Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Inspirations: Critter (Formentera II)

Look at the beauties!

I am so proud of some of the pictures I was able to snap this summer.

Little dragons, little jewels, sparkling in the sun. 

In blue and green and turqoise...

I have a lot more pictures... some of them below because I love how you can see the scales, how they looked at me and the camera (I was maybe 20 cm away from them, lying on the ground ^^), how cute their long tongue is... and how the try to lift their legs, especially the back ones, because it was so hot! 

I just love them!

The pityuse lizards are a species (with a lot of subspecies) special to Ibiza and Formentera (Podarcis pityusensis). 

3 Kommentare:

  1. What amazing pics! I love the special dragon of your island - gorgeous color and markings. I love photographing lizards in the desert - sometimes I get them, but usually I don't.

  2. I love these photos, because I live in Michigan and we don't have anything like that here. It was nice seeing things up close but from a far! Thanks!

  3. super hübscher kleiner kerl und so einen schönen gemusterten "anzug" - das er nicht abgehauen ist und die fotosession mitgemacht hat - toll



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