Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Good night project - envelope with tentacles...!

Now and then I have just an idea what I want to create. Like thinking of envelope lately. I just searched for some old maps in the internet, printed them out (DinA4). A little cutting for adjusting the size... folding it... put some water paint on it...

(the old ones we all had in school with every colour going to some shade of brown because they were all messed up with each other...)

..that would have been enough. But never suspecting it (yes.. I am a bad liar... ^^)... somehow it won't look finished without a tentacle. It is just like thinking .oO(Oh, that's nice. But it would be a lot nicer with a tentacle on it!). Belief me, this though is really occuring with nearly everything. Paintings, sculptures, clothing, furniture, stamps... envelopes...

At least it is easy and a fast project for a good night! ;)

The tentacle on the front is made out of these colour cards you get at the hardware store as examples for wall paints and stuff like that.

Yes, I love to use colours in my flat... but I also love to use these cards for handicraft ;)

...pscht! Don't tell anybody!

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