Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

"Tin tales" - Earrings made from bottle caps

I was back in germany just to got a call that we would have a meeting in south korea. So I tried to stuff a lot of work in the remaining few days including saturday and the nights and flight to korea on sunday. I came back last wednesday night (yes, two days travel for 1,5 day stay ^^).

Actually I had three flights per way (Leipzig -Munich/Frankfurt - Seoul - Jeju island). On the way back (Seoul - Frankfurt) I was upgraded to business class. Honestly? If I could always flight business class, traveling would be really relaxing instead of stressful and tiring! Just that working in public funded research is not allowing this option... *sniff*

But right now, having some free time finally, I caught a cold. Bah...! Just Murphy's law ^^

The earrings were made using bottle caps. I always see the collection of bottle caps on the blog of centi and thought there must be something I could also do with them. Since I am not so much into creating magnets I just took my hammer...

I pushed several holes into the flat metal to add a lot of tiny and colourful dangles. The dangles are tiny facetted czech glass beads, old vintages glass beads and just normal silver lined glass beads. I love their bright colours, the movement and mismatched tin.

By the way, can you guess my favorite lemonades? ^^


  1. So cute, I love how miss matched but not they are!

  2. Really fabulous, so original and quirky!

  3. What beauties! I am completely in love. The fun, bright colors are perfect with the bottle caps, and as usual you use darkened patina wire, for cool contrast.



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