Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014

"Broken Pieces" - Earrings

No, I am not sure were the names for my jewelery is always coming from. Sometimes I have a clear idea what words or meaning I want to incorporate. Also what I don't want to be included or is not fitting for me. But now for this earrings the name just came up and I knew that was it. 

The big blue beads with the crackled surface are actutally polymer clay beads I made. I treated the surface with paint and embossing powder and other powders and gloss and... whatever I find. This is a new kind of surface for me but one I am in love with. I am testing the boundaries, how resistant the surface is, how I can vary... This technique limits as well as it opens new possibilities. Whatever I try, how many other challenges and method I am going to explore, the one material I am always coming back to is polymer clay. 

The glass beads are czech glass beads I got from Rebecca's "The Curious Bead Shop". 


  1. I love your polymer clay beads. Great job!

    1. Thank you Kathy!

      By the way: You have still a no-reply setting (otherwise I would directly answer you per email :) )

  2. Those handmade beads have such a deep surface! Love the combination here, the three blues are like a progression.

  3. Love the surface treatment on the polymer clay beads. I actually thought they were gemstones.

  4. Nice job, Claire! I'm inspired to experiment and I really need to... I'm in a slump!



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