Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

Polymer clay beads - Rough and organic and crackles... and... just me!

I Just love them! Finally (really finally... I want to use so many exclamation marks... and write in upper case... and bold...!) finally I managed to create crackles on polymer clay beads I love!

I am still absolutely tired. Last two weeks were exhausting and I also had a bad cold for the last week (but still had to function). Tomorrow being monday is just too soon! 

But... in between I played a little bit. Being inspired by surfing too much in the internet and realizing what kind of aesthetics resonates with me. I just ordered for over 100 euros beautiful lampwork art beads (they were even a commission) and a tutorial  I love (most of the time I don't like buying/using tutorials... I want my beads to be developed by me only but this was for special glass beads that are just stunning... I will write more about this in the future). 

Like most people that are working with polymer clay I tested a lot of different colours, paints, powders, lacquers... Especially crackles are something I always wanted for my beads. The right kind. I got a tutorial for heating polymer clay before, using powder, inca gold... and I also tested every paint I had on raw clay and a lot of crackle paints on raw and baked clay. Most of the later ones just were not stable on the bead and fell of in big flakes. 

Now I found a combination that worked for me. Crackle paint, embossing powders, acrylic paints, stuff to integrate (no idea how to call this)... 

This are the very first beads I made in this style. Just today. You know this moment seeing something and knowing: That's it!? This was my moment of "That's it!". That is me. 

I will have to play more, create more, test them to see how stable the surface will be or whether I have to use further treatments to stabilize the surface. Maybe I may even give some away for you to test (but for this I will have to create more first ;)). 


  1. wow schön :)
    Gute Besserung Dir! Hoffe, Du bist bald wieder richtig fit!

  2. So cool! They look like ancient crackled ceramic. I clicked on the pics to see the detail - looks quite amazing. Congratulations! Q: is this a success of chemistry or alchemy?

  3. These are gorgeous! Congrats on the success and I hope you feel better so you can do more experimenting and have fun. :)



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