Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

"Caught sunshine" - Earrings

The idea for these earrings was in my head for a long time. They look quite simple and I love how they fall and move. But actually it took me a while to really get them the way I imagined them. I started with the tiny beads on the wire and connected them to the bigger jump rings... and... they were awkward. I combined with different kind of beads at the end until I used the tiny drops (czech glass beads from  "The Curious Bead Shop"). Weight, size, colour, movement... it all came together. Definitely not my last earrings in this style!

The seed bead mix is one of my favorite glass bead mixes. Actually it was a really cheap one I found by luck in a shop that is selling offers from other shops. I took all mixes available but still my stash is quite limited and I used already a lot of them. *sighs* I will probably find new mixes...



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