Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

All the threads... ensnare your necklace!

I love to recycle jewelery. There is something tempting to reduce something in its single parts and use them to create something new. I am always buying a lot of fashion jewelery on sale. Especially for small charms and glas beads there is nothing easier and cheaper and with a surprising diversity. I also love the challenge. Take something - disassemble - create something new. 

This is a really easy and fast project. This necklace was covered in strange neon (not good looking) nylon yarn and cheap glitter glass pieces (maybe I will use these with polymer clay / fimo otherwise I really don't know what to do with them). But below was a great metal necklace blank. 
Perfect to cover it with yarn! I already made earrings (have a look here) and after this I think I will try some bracelets :)

The end I secure by using some additional layers of yarn with a tiny drop of superglue.

This is embroidery yarn with a little bit of shine in it. Subtle but beautiful! 

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  1. Hübsch! Ich kann mir ungefähr vorstellen, wie die vorher ausgesehen hat - da hast du echt was draus gemacht. :)



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