Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Flowers for a wedding

 Here are the finished earrings. This time I made the flowers bigger than my first test batch. This also made it a lot easier to create them. My first batch consisted really on tiny wee flowers! Have a look here :)

I baked the flowers, carved the back so I could fit in the silver earrings and then attached it all with more polymer clay. This time I used cernit white porcellain because it is slightly transparent and it is not sticky at all. Normally this makes it a more difficult clay to work with but works wonder to create this absolutely thin flower petals. 

You can see the metal through the clay. I made a pair of earrings and a single flower to go as pendant for a necklace. My friend who commissioned these pieces for the weeding of a friend of her (still following me? ^^) would also add a silver bail to it. I just baked a silver jump ring in the back and balanced it out so the flower would hang very nicely.

The balance was also my biggest issue. I could have used earring blanks for this but always the roses would rather face downward (even being very light) and I don't like this look. I know that a lot of ready-made earrings people buy have this fault. I am always wondering if nobody else is seeing this? 

And after all the pictures without a pop of colour, here a picture how bright the flowers are! :)

They are a little bit uneven, you have the pattern of my thumb prints on top and there are not identical and all of this together creates something magical. The image of a delicate flower. Simple but surprisingly difficult at the same time.


  1. So wonderful! You know - I love your work, and these are so spherical, they look like made by elves =)

  2. Magical they are!!! Such a perfect glow with the white porcelain clay. I agree, I don't like it when flowers droop, these are beautifully set...I know the bride looked amazing wearing these mini art pieces.

  3. Woowww, delicate and gorgeous... Perfect for a white wedding Claire!

  4. These are very lovely! Gorgeous work!

  5. Lovely posies, Claire... I haven't tried the Cernit brand as it is difficult to obtain where I live, but I can clearly see the difference it makes to your end product. Beautifully accomplished!



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