Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013

Use your spices, knitting needles and whatever you can find! (making more molds)

Cardamon, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, pepper... I was sorting through my spices and I just thought I had to try to create new molds for structures or pattern with them. I really go for an organic look and feeling. 

Just roll out a thin sheet of polymer clay (I am using fimo classic most of the time) and press the spices on top. 

Looks as strange as it looks great, nai?! I baked the clay with the spices (and the seeds went into trash afterwards, don't even think about eating them after the had contact to polymer clay! ;) ). 

Here you see a first test with another thin sheet of polymer clay. Such a cool organic texture...!

Also always great and easy: Use knitting needles to make molds! Just press dots and circles in clay.

The pattern created with bigger seeds...

I have a lot of carved wooden stamps. I use them for a long time now for textile print as well as polymer clay. But I really like if my pattern come up and create raised structures on the surface. I stamped in polymer clay and filled the open areas with dots made with a knitting needle. 

One of my new favorites!

Just knitting needles and pen tips used.

But surprisingly organic again!

And some samples with scrap clay (I paint over my beads most of the time therefor that is perfect for me). A lot of them are already painted and I even made some earrings that also already have found a new home (by the way, I am curious if the new owner would recognize her earrings seeing the non-painted beads ^^).

I am so intrigued by this patter. Also surprised again how much a pattern can change if it is not stamped down but raise up. 

Here you can see a pair of earrings I also made with this mold.

And of course I had to show you an old pattern again but still one of my favorite ones. With every batch of new molds and stamps, structures and pattern, there are some that are not working, a lot that are nice and okay and just a few that just create the feeling of being perfect fitting for me. 

You can see some finished pieces I made with this pattern here. :)

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  1. I love this post! I've been working a lot with clay, thank you for the wonderful ideas... I'll be trying some of them! :)



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