Samstag, 21. September 2013

Beads on my work table (before the painting)

Yes, I went for an owl. Just had to. I like the asymmetry with the wing. The stringing hole is to the side because I thought that this direction would make it easier to incorporate the owl bead in a bigger design. 

An owl head... some wings... For the wings I used a mold I made from a harpy pendant. The mold itself won't work out but parts of it I can use for beads like these. 

And the whole batch... including a lot of my new favorite, rather organic freeform shapes (say this out loud, three times in a row! ^^). 

Some more details: Donut shapes with structured surfaces.... of lace pattern... just the parts rather look organic than like a lace!

...stamped with old text stamps from a microbiology institute and more pattern experiments... I always carve and sand all my beads into the perfect shape after baking. It gives me more control.

And in a different colour (Yes, I know, most of the time you won't see much of the original colour anymore. But trust me, depending on the colours you use, the basic colour of the polymer clay will make all the difference. Except for the swellegant paints I started to use)...

I always like to show all the details of the beads therfore.... more pictures! Made with sea urchins pieces...

...layer after layer of pattern...

...combinations of structures and pattern... (and a knitting needle!) leave structures...

This is one of the new fimo effect jewel colours. They are all made with a mixture of translucent polymer clays and shimmering particles. I tried to wrap operculums found in the mediterranean sea of formentera in polymer clay without losing their beautiful appearance. I will add some colour to the clay to enhance the structures. 

It is the lid of a snail. I searched for the nick names they have in english and found cats eye or shiva's eye. But I love the german name "Venusauge" that translate into Venus' eye.

Now I just have to carve, sand and paint them. Truth is I already started... but there is (again) a lot to do in the lab so I don't have the time and energy to really move forward with my beads. Therefor also this post showing you a little bit of my work process, what is now on my worktable and hopefully makes you a little bit curious about what to come :)


  1. What richness! I love the wrapped shells, like tiny fossilized treasures.

  2. They look smashing! I just realised I haven't replied to your mail, although I thought I had! Sorry, I will get to it today, promise!

  3. You are a busy "beader"! Is that even a word? Well it should be because that's what you are... The beads are delicious, esp. those cute owls!



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