Samstag, 7. September 2013

Just like carved bone...

As I already wrote in my last post: I have a lot "stuff" made that I didn't show you. There are several reasons for this, like a lot of work due to a deadline, being still so full of pain (that always makes me very unsocial... I try to hide from myself) and something very mundane like a camera that is working nicely anymore. I am already looking for a new one, again a digital camera, good for macros but not too expensive. Until then taking pictures will cost me a lot of nerves. So as I am not in a mood to make these pictures again (or even already used / gave some beads away), I hope you will be okay with these :)

I used white polymer clay and dark brown (burned sienna) acrylic paint. These beads have such an organic feeling to me, a little bit tribal, I am really into them. The earrings were a gift for a friend. She was seeing (as well as liking) my first attempts with white clay and brown acrylic paint. She also like the earrings I made in the past beads combined with metal bronze rings on top, so this were just meant to be made for her :)

Some little round shaped beads that I sanded roughly down after adding the paint. You can see how many of the lines already are fading creating a worn texture. 

Just some kind of drops, again for a highly organic texture with the dots on the surface. I like to play with them in my hand, to feel the structured surface. Still unsure what to make with them.

And here one of my first experiments with the white and brown combination. I used cheap earring loops I got at a sale (like the one I used for this pair of earrings made with thread) and covered them with polymer clay. I added swirls and dots, cut the surface to create more surface for the colour later to set in.

Like the whole earring is a big large bead ^^

Can you see all the stripes where I cut the clay with a sharp blade? 

I tried with less brown paint in the beginning but I prefer this heavy stained look. 

Maybe not fitting to all the beads above but made in the same work session. Another friend saw the beads I made with the texture of an old stamped spoon (I also used it in my yellow challenge here) and asked for some smaller ones... in plain matt white. I am so curious what she will make out of them!


  1. All amazing, but those beautiful hoops are making me crazy with desire! Looks like scrimshaw carvings, antique ivory, really glorious.

    The spoon stamps are a great idea!

  2. Gorgeous! I really love the hoops too. Did you see the horse head in the right one?

  3. Your hoops are a wonder! So much like old ivory, so organic! And it is as if they "grew" onto the hoops, what a great technique. I also love the spikes you made, they look like something you would find in the desert, left behind by some mysterious creature. Your designs are so intricate and yet so rustic, that is a challenge to do both! You have mad skills!

  4. Fabulous texture! I love the unique hoops, and those spikes remind me of the fossil hunting days of youth, walking fields with my dad.

  5. Your earrings are all very neat! Those wonderful hoops are too cool! Very talented!



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