Montag, 19. November 2012

Textures / Structures / Colours

Just a little playing with polymer clay (Fimo) I did. I made a little sheet from white fimo classic, stamped it with my different textures / structures stamps. I use everything which I can find! From little metall findings to natural stuff to the brush next beside me....

The next picture I took in the direct sunlight. Not the best to take pictures but you see the colour effects way better!

I wanted just to have an example set for the colours I am using. Sp after baking I went over with different acrylic colours (also different brands). Some of them were really thick and it was not easy to remove them... others were so thin I nearly removed all... That means a lot of options for different projects!

I just wanted to compare the colour effects therefor the lines I cut are not even. But I have to say I like the look. Maybe making some cards like this! For some colours it is difficult to see the difference in the photos but they are very prominent in real.

I will make more of the text tiles... especially to test more black paints and I forgot to add some brown shades as well...

The white tile is not white... I went over with a translucent acrylic shimmer / pearl paint which you also can add to your normal acrylic paints. More glitter ^^

I also only tested my gold and not my other metallic colours because I work so often with them I know all their effects on all different backgrounds.

This is still without any finish. So with shiny gloss / lacquer the colours would get more intense...

4 Kommentare:

  1. This is so beautiful! I love the colors. You did a fabulous job. Your newest follower from Simple & Sweet Friday Party!

    Kathy @

  2. I actually thought it was a quilt when I saw the first picture! Lovely indeed! thanks for sharing.



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