Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Advent calendar 2012 - ongoing process

For a long time now I make advent calendars. It started with my sister and my brother when they were really small and I just a teenager... and I just added people which are dear to me on the list. Our parents get one together and a friend of mine gets a special advent calendar with the one and only theme in all the years: pink! 

While collecting stuff and sweets, stamping and glueing the tags... I realized that one person is missing on my list: Rumpel. We started our relationship in january this year, so this is really a first one ^^ (the one above is the one for him! Already hanging at the wall in the kitchen)

Old book pages (the colour is due to real age! No way to get this by any painting!) glued on card board, stamped card board...

You see the beautiful silver in the black? First I put a little bit of silver ink on the stamp and then went over with black ink.

I also stamped black on pink cardboard or silver on the old book pages. I like the vintage look. 

For my brother (tophino) and our parents I made little paper packages with old music sheets from rumpel. He had some printed on white paper and some on recycled paper.... I hung them at the key just to keep them out of the way and safe. Now they are already in the kitchen at my parents home! Just forgot to take pictures...

...more tags...

...music sheets...

...you see how great the silver ink is? It really reflects the light!

I also packed the advent calendar for my sister Lachafa. From five advent calendars for six people... four are finished! 

Wrapping is really time consuming!


  1. Beautiful! I love the sheet music ones.

  2. Haven't done one of these since my daughter was small:) Very creative. I pinned on Pinterest for inspiration. Following your blog now. Follow mine too at www.sewsweetvintage.com I posted "dolled up" to JAQ'S party.

  3. That's a sweet idea to make an Advent Calender each year for your family. I finally made our Advent Calender, the first ever, so I totally appreciate the thought and time you've put into yours. Love the aged sheets! Beautiful!



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