Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

Bird ornament card

I cut some card board elements to create ornaments... and thought I should draw myself a template for the future. Like the one I used for my felt birds (have a look here and more birds here). 

But then I thought... mh... looks cute as it is, why not make a postcard out of it? So here is my bird ornament card! To make your own little bird ornament ^^

My will go on its way tomorrow!

If you want to make your ow: Feel free to print my bird :) 


  1. This looks so cute :D fab idea :D x

  2. Cute idea for a postcard. I like the felt birds you made. My sewing skills are not great, but would like to give this a try. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Such a wonderful idea and to give it as a gift, so brilliant!


  4. I love your birds and your card. I saw you link on Sew Chatty link party. :)



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