Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Blue and golden - flower earrings

Little flower earrings in different shades of blue and violett, with a hint of gold and bronce. Normally I prefer glas beads (or the polymer clay beads I make myself). Plastic beads... or rather (because polymer clay is also a kind of plastic to be honest) industrial produced plastic beads are not really the things I like to work with. High quality plastic beads like lucite may be a difference... and because I was so into the petal flower shape I ordered some and tried them. 

Yes, they were nice. Just to look at them made me smile... but... oh yes, there is a capital but! but... the colour had no depth even thought they were translucent. I tried to combine them with wire and glas beads... but always... no, didn't work for me. 

Until I started painting them! I added some darker blue with aqua acrylic colours and added with bronce and gold acrylic colours some finishing touches at the end of the flowers. For this I am alwys using my finger tips... Can't work with brushes for such details ^^

Now I just love them! They work really good with the real glas beads. They lost their matte finish due to the water acrylic colours but gained more depth. 

Some of the pictures I took at direct sunlight. Not the best for taking earring pictures but I wanted to show you how the light plays with all the beads!

I got five different colours, two beads of each... I started with the blue ones, now I have to play with the other!

8 Kommentare:

  1. Wow! I have never thought to do this - so beautiful! I use plastic beads all the time because I adore plastic...but now I must experiment with this painted technique. Genius idea, Claire!

  2. Ah, da haben wir ja das Thema "man kann nur mit den Fingern malen"!. Die Perlen sehen jetzt wirklich schön aus, sehr wertvoll irgendwie. :)

    1. Meine Finger bzw Fingernägel sind irgendwie nie mehr ganz sauber, egal wie sehr ich schrubbe... ehm... aber selbst mit engen und dünnen Laborhandschuhe: Es ist nicht vergleichbar! ^^

  3. They are definitely pretty and I love the blue-purple colour. Thanks for sharing!



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