Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Pink tentacle towel!

Okay, now I not only have a good friend loving pink... (she is the one which received the pink advent calendars!) ...but my friend loves pink too. I think especially the humorous aspect of it, but if you know me and the strories about pink items for the pink advent calendars - you know that I am an expert regarding to pink! Not that I am too fond of pink, I am not (or rather just of the really bright pink colour). 

And what goes with pink?

Of course....


As I saw this really bright pink towl (the first picture shows the real colour, pink is difficult to catch for my digi) I had to buy it for him... 

...but what would a pink towel be without a tentacel? Ah! You also don't have an answer to that? Me neither ^^ Therefor I used some black cotton jersey and stitched the tentacel onto the towel. 

And as you see... Grusel loved it as well! In the moment I started to take pictures he jumped into the pink! But the moved all the time finding to get the perfect place so only blurred images of him.

I used jersey because it can be strechted and I could sew it with raw edges! Until now it has survived my friend and the washer! (now means weeks or even months now and it is in regular use all the time :)).


  1. There you have it- scientific proof that even pink can look good if combined wit cats and tentacles. And only then :D Loving it, looks like the perfect quick fix for an ugly towel. I wonder if tentacles are an acceptable embellishment for the bottom of boot cut jeans...

  2. The pink and black look great together! Sewing jersey, eekk, I can just about sew cotton!

  3. Genius idea. Pink is not really my colour, but the tentakel makes it really cool. Your cat is called Grusel, how cute!

  4. As soon as I saw the tentacle I knew this was your project! Your like me with butterflies, just can't get enough of 'em. Thanks so much for sharing at Etcetorize this week~



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