Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Monstrous creations!

One of the next two monsters I am sewing. It already took some time and they also will need quite a lot more time before they are true tiny monsters! But I thought to give you an impression how I create them. Because I really don't use any pattern. Even more, I don't know how they will look in the end! I start with making the eyeballs... and sewing / adding everything else.

Of course a monster also needs teeths! Big and pointy ones! I just form them with white polymer clay (Fimo). They are not even, they are not really the same size, but they don't need to be! With a monster all these little imperfections makes it unique and bring it to live. I flatten the top of the teeth a little bit and pin holes into it before baking. I use this part to sew the teeths to the felt.

Another one! It already got eyeballs (BIG EYEBALLS!), eyelids to look grumpy and some ears. 

I always love to look at the working tables and material of other creators and crafters but most of the time I don't want to show mine. I mean, you see the pictures and all of them tells you: Oh, it is horrible messy! And all what I can think is: If your table is messy, mine would be... the personification of chaos? maybe that could be the truth.

But wihle taking pictures I stumbled over my little pin tin box where I store and transport a lot of needles and other material like monster teeths! And I love it! In the lid I also added a magnet, which is really helpful when you are sewing while travelling.

Here is his face! With eyeballs, eyelids, ears and earfelthairs and of course teeth! He will end not too grumpy but more a little bit more fearful in the big wide world. A tiny frightened monster!

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  1. Oh, he is the cutest monster! And I am excited to see the grumpier one, too. Great method for attaching the teeth!



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