Montag, 26. Juli 2010

"Wildling" - Postcard version

I just used the digitalised image, removed the colours, get the contrast higher and balanced the brightness... There it is, the b/w version for a card!

The print is not the highest quality (the opposite... hum...)... but I like to test things this way.

Just glued on black board, added some white paper parts on the back.. finished. And... the final touch: already send per mail ^^

I think I will search for a copy shop to get some cards printed in high quality!

(by the way: I have my trade licence now! Yes, you need one in germany even if you just want to sell some small crafted stuff...)


  1. nice one! you're writing a lot of letters, huh? :'D

    are you planning to sell your crafts on etsy or ebay or where?

  2. I think etsy and / or dawanda. I don't like ebay for selling handmade stuff. People who look at etsy, dawanda or sites like them know what kind of stuff they can find and what for work, time and love goes into the details of the crafted items. Compared to the things you can buy in the big stores, sure, it costs a little bit more, but on the other hand it is way more special and personal ^^



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