Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

Paper patchwork cards

Sometimes I wonder why one forget so simple and easy crafting methods which can have cool results. Like a collage... or in this case just something more like paper patchwork (because it is only made out of paper and not a combination of methods...).

I just started to cut paper pieces and scraps out of old magazines, newspapers, booklets.. hour after hour.. but I love the resulting effect on my own view. I now see elements and structures I didn't recognize before. And it is a cheap way to get all sorts of coloured and patterned paper kinds! A lot more than you could and propably would buy.
Here are a first few examples: My paper patchwork wave card...

I already used all of them and I am curious whether they will survive (and in which condition) being send as mail ^^

The next time I make these wave cards I will integrate some tentacles, seamonsters and fishs coming out of the waves... I promise!

An even easier way is to use nice pictures...

The next ones are just waiting to be done. Several flowers... stripes.. etc. But not finished until now :)

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