Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

Side effects - painted paper

After the fabric scraps all were dry again I removed them from the underlying paper.

I had put them (for better handling and transportation) on some kind of sandwich paper. It is a little bit water and fat resistant, not completly but quite good for paper. It also has this semi transparent look so I often use it for crafting. You can make cool patterns out of it, create nice layering effects and you can use and handle it like normal paper.

You can image how cool it was to see that after painting / dyeing the fabric the underlying paper also was dyed and had some interesting structures in it.

I think I will use it as background for cards and prints. Although for small things it would also be a nice wrapping paper.

I already use this kind of paper also to wrap my soaps in it. The soaps get air and are at the same time protected against water and fat.

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