Montag, 5. Juli 2010

Black rubber tentacle!

I got some black rubber plates. Not the rubber like for an eraser but a very hard kind of rubber. Nobody knew for what use it was intended but knowing me they though I could do something about or with it. The size is something between DinA5 and DinA4 and it's 3 mm thick. Some of them I will just use as underground for stamping or printing with linoleum but not all.

I cut it with an short blade which I use for paper and carving in eraser like rubber. My poor hand arched a little bit because it was really a hard time to cut it (you can still see the rough edges everywhere) but I like the result. I think it will end up as wand decoration and as soon as I can convince my hand to cut another one there will be a set of black rubber tentacles on my wall ^^

Hanging on my wall with my new little rack / frame... I rearranged some things, not finished yet.

Lying in the sun so you can see the shone on the rubber and get an idea how thick it is...

...other side...

...back one the wall...
...just in a new position... 

But I think I will put this one and more of this black rubber tentacle to one of my mirrors. Growing out of it...!

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  1. ist der krakenarm aus plexiglas - hast du erfahrung damit - hab da eine idee im kopf weiß aber nicht wie ich sie angehen kann - vielleicht weißt du rat ?!



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