Samstag, 20. April 2013

New structures and shapes - some polymer clay stuff again, finally!

It took me a while to get back into the day/night rhythm here in germany. Also my new working / crafting room is still in a state of pure chaos. But I just ached to make things again! Thankfully I can now take part at the AJE challenge as well as their connected collection on pinterest! Hey, that just means I have to pull out my wire and polymer clay (fimo classic) and acrylic paints...! ^^ 

This is my first pair of earrings for the AJE made with polymer clay beads made by me. Can you see the structures and layers of paint? All covered with liquid polymer clay (fimo) and shiny gloss.

The earring challenge from AJE (art jewelry elements, have a look!)

I made some new structure stamps in korea with some strange air drying clay. This clay was very soft and smooth. I don't have anything elft from this clay but it works so great for polymer clay: I really need more! I have to see if I can find it or something similar here in germany. Better than anything else I tried and this includes silicon molds! 

Also I played with new (for me new) shapes. Have a look at my working table :)

Yea, there also will be a green version of this earrings!

I am creating earrings most of the time. Therefor my personal challenge would be to start cresting more necklaces. Here are some of the focals I made and want to use.

I am still not sure what to make out of these but I know I will have to make more of them! The strange shapes has something quite fascinating for me.

...of course more earring studs...

Most of the studs I make I never show you because I always forget to take pictures before they are sold. 

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