Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

Bright colours and structures - All the polymer clay

I already showed you the pink and purple version of these beads. Here are another pair I made in this shape. I really like the shape but still one has to be very careful about how thick the polymer clay should be to ensure stability of the bead. I worked with fimo (an effect colour but you can't see it anymore ^^But it is important for all colour effects!). 

And going more into shades of purple and blue. Also with a little bit of pearl shimmer because of the colour of the fimo I used. It is subtle but it is there!

I layered my structures after painting with liquid polymer clay (also fimo) and the added several layers of shiny gloss. This creates this so glas like surface. At a little closer view you may see some of the shine and shimmer of the clay. 

I also want this earring pair to be my part of the AJE challenge this week. Even if I love the green ones, they would be a repetition of my earrings last week. 

There are still a lot of beads waiting to be integrated into earrings... and even more to be the center part of a necklace. But somehow creating necklaces takes me a lot more time. Quite often I stop in the middle of the process just because something I want to be included, maybe just a special kind of jump ring, is missing... not good. But I try to challenge myself more. ^^

3 Kommentare:

  1. This green is very beautiful with the copper colored findings! I missed the other post with this new shape and this crisscross pattern. They are wonderful!

  2. Die lilanen gefallen mir super gut :-)



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