Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Inspirations: A drop of colour (Gwangju, South Korea)

Next to Gwangju is a national park called after the highest mountain there: Mudeung (no, it is not pronounced like it is written in latin letters ^^  Mudeung mountain - 무등산). From the apartment where I stayed it was only five minutes with the bus to go there. I like to explore my surroundings as well as going out in the nature so of course I went there at the weekend. But I got a little cultural shock at my first time! See, during a sunday you can find some young people downton but otherwise the city seems to be sleeping and empty. And there are really no people around because I found them all: At Mudeung mountain! So unbelieveable crowded! 

There I found the first signs of spring as well as this little bird with colours which just pop out against the leafless trees. My digital camera is not the best to take pictures from moving objects (also already several years old... and while I love her, she seems to develop some problems *sigh*) I was able to capture him!

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