Samstag, 30. März 2013

Newspapers, paint and thread!

I had to start creating things. I just brought some needles and thread, crochet hooks and yarn with me. I can do a lot with that kind of supplies but... it really couldn't occupy my mind enough. It took me some time but I found some great air-drying clay (it has a really strange consistency... and now I know why they don't use polymer clay here... most apartment don't have an oven. They are cooking and frying a lot but they usually don't bake in korea). I will show you what I made with it in the next days. Still have to finish the painting. 

But... with some newspapers lying around.. and some cardbord from the cereal box... I started playing around. Some paper beads, some cut outs (still just single pieces, nothing done with it yet) and this card! And... mh... I bough three copics and a white laquer pen ^^

The shape of the butterfly was roughly sketched on the newspaper. The several layers were sewn together to create the body. Afterwards I cut the shape out. The rest was playing with scribbling, doodling and painting all over. The butterfly was then glued on the card. 

Can you see all the layers? The effect is really something which I will repeat in the future!

And it is already on its way to germany. Next to this card I played a little bit with blank envelopes. Just with the new pens... To doodle around is quite relaxing. All of them are also on their way to germany... and next tuesday I will also head home.


  1. wow, I love what you did with the white lacquer pen, I use to doodle a lot when I was younger, I kind of lost it now, but I do love to see what other people do.
    love what you did with he newspaper butterfly also. incredible what you can do with recycling.
    have a great trip home
    drop by my blog and check out my reviews sometime if you have the time.

  2. The butterfly is gorgeous Claire, and the way you've given it body with the many sewn layers is clever!



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