Montag, 2. Juli 2012

Inspirations: On the streets (Leipzig)

Okay, this time the inspirations I found on the streets were little robots! One hiding behind the corner (the man in black with the pink bike is my friend). But next to the little, a little bit tattered and worn robot is this strange red eye! Strange but great!

And another little robot...!

A R2D2 version...?

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  1. I think the message is clear. You ought to do robots. In clay. With amigurumi counterparts. And steampunk stamp robots, obviously. Not sure what the latter would look like, but hey, YOU are the brains of this operation!
    Maybe insomniac robots?
    If you don't hear from me before, let me just tell you that I shall be thinking of you on Friday, 1pm. In fact I am going to set my alarm after hitting "send" on this, just to make sure I keep the promise.
    You'll shine like a beetle wing and be smooth like a tentacle. By the way, I saw three different tentacle projects recently and thought of you every single time. One was an amazing crochet octopus hat, so ridiculously cool I would totally sport it. The second was a vintage dresser with an equally vintage squid image painted on. And the third, I seem to recall in my rather hazy state of sleep deprivation, was a Cthulhu crochet mask, which in turn reminded me that I have a teensy something you might like.
    Let's just say it features tentacles.



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