Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Colours of summer!

One of my friends (one of them with a growing collection of earrings made by me, thanks for that! :) ) asked me whether I could go for more bold colours with my crochet earrings. You know me, I had to try how this would work! 

I searched over some days for the perfect crochet yarn / threat. The problem is that with all the fine and thin crochet yarn they just come in some kind of (what I would call) old fashioned colours. Some of them I like, don't get me wrong! But I didn't want to use pastells, I wanted real bright summer colours!

It took me a while until I stumbled at the bead section of my craft store over a bright and shiny and colourful crochet yarn (it was even written on top of it!). It is not cotton, sorry for that, but I make jewelery and not clothes out of it. And I love how shiny it is! On the good as well as on the bad side: They were on sale. I got them for a nice price, normally this crochet yarn is expensive. But they just had some colours left... sniff. And there won't be any stock anymore to use in the future! (beside the basic colours of black, white and grey... they were also not on sale... so I didn't buy any even if the grey is so beautiful!)

And here we go with my first results! I love the violet and I adore the blue / turquoise! Trust me, it is really bright and for me it is - even if I expected it - quite surprising how modern crochet can look just using the right colours. 

And also some black ones just with a colour accent due to the added bead. Maybe a little bit more on goth style... or evening wear? But hey... I prefer goth, I am still one deep inside my heart! ^^

The black crochet yarn is 100 % cotton so you can see the difference: It is not as shiny as the other yarn. Also it is thicker (still tin ;) ). But I love the effect both kind of yarn creates!

All of them together... more are on my table to finish. I just need some more beads!

PS: And of course I'll add some of them into my dawanda shop! :)


  1. So nice! I agree, those bright colours look great. Could you use embroidery thread? There are some beautiful colours and it comes in silk for a beautiful finish. You could adjust the weight by how many strands you use. Just a thought~ Thanks so much for linking up at Etcetorize this week!

  2. Beautiful! My daughter has just discovered the joy of earrings and she would adore all of these especially the teal ones! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  3. Nice earrings! I love the black set.



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