Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

Formentera - a little garden dormouse video

Punta rasa - Formentera - Spain

Some garden dormouse (german: Gartenschläfer, spanish: lirón careto, Eliomys quercinus ophiusae) in the early evening. This subspecies lives only on the small island formentera! Normally you can see them only if it is really dark so I was surprised at this rare opportunity to get a little film about them! 

And yes, this means I am back from holiday! Already missing the island! :)


  1. Eeek! They are cute - I like the little black stripes beside their eyes. I hope you had a lovely time on the island. I know it's a magical place for you!

  2. Mei, die sind so niedlich! Plüschig, wuselig und dann noch die schwarzen Masken. Halten die da am Mittelmeer eigentlich auch Winterschlaf?

    1. Winterruhe auf jeden Fall... ob die wirklich Winterschlaf machen, müßte ich mal nachschauen :)



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