Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Sea urchins

I love the structure and surface of sea urchins. They are so delicate and all the colours! Since I was a little child we went to formentera every year and there one could find a lot of the typical sea urchin most people know. Which is the leftover of a dead sea urchin ^^ 

We found tiny ones and big ones... and from my collecting I tried one to make a silicon mold of (I'll show this one to you in another post!). During the process the sea urchin itself was destroyed.. *sniff* ...but I like the resulting sea urchins I could male with the mold and with polymer clay (fimo)!

I drilled little holes inside with my dremel (love this multi function tool!) and treated the surface with aqua and normal acrylic colours. I already made several ones but still want to get more experience with it! And also I want to find a tinier sea urchin to make really tiny polymer clay sea urchin beads! :)

PS: And yes, I am starting to add more and more of my earrings to my online shop at dawanda! :)


  1. Sehr hübsch! Die Farbe passt richtig gut, obwohl die ja in echt gar nicht grün sind. =)

    1. Danke :)

      Das Original hierzu war weiß und grün... kleine Seeigel aus Formentera. Allerdings eher nur in schmalen Streifen.

      Zusätzlich gibt es ab und an noch weiß-violette Exemplare, wobei die in den vergangenen Jahren sehr, sehr selten nur noch zu finden sind...

  2. Glad I found you! Hello from your newest follower! Love Katie x

  3. These are awesome! Urchins are gorgeous.. and the colors they come in are breathtaking.. Loving the earrings too!

  4. Very neat. I can tell your stuff from a mile away. You've got such a unique sense of style that is so wonderful and whimsical. Thanks for sharing at Etcetorize~

  5. Prettiest earrings I've ever seen, and that's a fact rather than a compliment. And so totally you, they might as well spell your name. Making a sea urchin mould was, I daresay, one of your best ideas ever. Why do I keep thinking "pretty little dead things" in a very good way?



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