Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Crochet lace - and the winner of the sms giveaway!

Here we go! I don't like blog entried without any pictures so I just combine the crochet lace bracelet I made with the announcement of the winner of the sms giveaway (the sea urchin earrings and -what makes even more fun for me! - some crafting stuff as surprise :) ).

The little bracelet I made with cotton thread and a 1,5 mm crochet hook. It is really easy to make, just several rows of single or double stitches and some little knots. To get the pink satin band through the crochet lace proved to be way more complicated... at least to get it even throught the holes! I love the effect and to crochet this kind of bracelets... but the (absolut necessary!) satin band is always... arghhs! If it were not for the satin band (or ribbon) I would make a lot more of this bracelets!

But enough rambling about crochet bracelets...

(we have a big festival here in leipzig, the wave gotik festival or short WGT and there are still two days of music and dancing and fairs to go to!)

The winner is:

Maureen Hayes

I like the sea urchin ones, although your lace is beautiful as well. I do all sorts of crafting, from stamping to art journaling to mixed media, so if you threw in any kind of art supplies I would probably be thrilled with it. I love all the Tim Holtz stuff by Ranger!

Thanks for the chance to win!
 Congratulation! I'll send you and email! The package will go on its way as soon as I have your mail adress and the post offices are open again :)

Thanks everyone for participating in the sms giveaway!


  1. Congrats to the lucky one! I love the crocheted lace bracelet - you are so right, the ribbon is necessary! It seems to me such an old world creation.



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