Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Flowers in polymer clay...

Quite a long time ago since I made my last earrings out of fimo / polymer clay and some of my molds. For the earrings I used brown polymer clay (fimo soft, and no, you can't see the original colour anymore ^^). I layered the polymer clay with different colours of aqua acryl paint. After this step (it takes some time to dry) I out my fingertips in metallic acrylic paints (from reeves, I love them!) and brush a thin layer of the colour on top. Here I used bronze. I am still surprised what you can make with some polymer clay and some colours!

I have made a lot of molds in the past, just have a look here or here (or some button molds)...


  1. Schön, dass man deine Sachen jetzt kaufen kann.
    So lustig und ausgefallen, findet man selten.
    Wünsch dir viel Erfolg.
    Solche ausgefallenen Ideen sind leider oder Gottsei Dank nicht jedermanns Sache. t
    Gruß Marit
    die sich auf jeden Fall etwas von deinen tollen Objekten kauft.

  2. Oh these are really pretty, great technique



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