Samstag, 13. August 2011

Sparkling ones - earrings from ads

I am back home! :) I'll show you some stuff I made or found or imaged at Formentera over the next days starting with this sparkling ones!

There is an alcohol company (Yes, I drink alcohol, but no, not this one ^^) which really has beautiful adds in spanish magazines! They are so beautiful that most people never recognize the product they are for ;) (but that is perfect for me because although I am honest in this blog entry I would hate it if anyone could recognize the add from the earrings ^^)

Last year they had leaves and plants from an strange beauty. All the images turned to shades of blue. This year they had some nice ornaments painted / made with lots of tiny dots! On special sides they even were layered with glitter! 

My family is used to my "stuff" and as soon as they see something which I may use they save it for me. Like this add!

I cut the shapes out of the add, glued it on cardboard (with a water image, it was from the package of a razor blade ^^) and painted the sides black. 

This little detail like painting the edges makes all the difference if you make jewelery out of paper, cardboard, etc! 

I punched some holes in it with a needle (they are not really smooth, I would recommend not to use a needle but a normal paper hole puncher. But I didn't take one with me on the island ;)


  1. These are gorgeous! I love that your family saved you an ad because they know you so well.

  2. very pretty ~ I'm drawn to interesting graphic prints too. I can see why you converted that paper into something artistic. So nice!

  3. I love graphic prints! And I hope that there'll be some more add with embossed details on it... especially on this thick paper! It is just so perfect for crafting :)

    There are more ads like this in spanish magazines than in german ones.. *sniff*



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