Samstag, 20. August 2011

Dream - a lot of new stamps... and all for you!

You know, I take part in several linking parties (I think most of you know, that's how many of you stumbled over my blog... or I over yours! :) ). In the beginning of july Katie from Sew Woodsy (aka Mrs. Sew Woodsy) featured my hand carved stamps I made for Silke from "für große Mädchen".

Katie asked me whether I could think of having a giveaway together.

Hey, of course I said yes!

There are a lot of good reasons for...

  • I just love to carve stamps!
  • How can I say no to her while she loves my stamps? :)
  • I am taking part in her linking party nearly every week
  • She asked me at the right moment. Just a short time ago my blog reached the 100th follower... and I didn't even celebrate it somehow. I thought about a candy already for some time (Lachafa could tell you ^^) but let alone the decision about what... mh... 

So I failed to make one. Not so much because of the lack of ideas but more to the real lack of time and energy. I didn't have (and still don't have) the time because my computer time is mostly dedicated to make the last corrections for my thesis. I even cancelled an great event this weekend which dear friends hold around this time for some years now. It is a kind of summer ball and I am sniffing not to go and also feel bad to disappoint my friends (although they are understanding!).

Therefore the moment was more than perfect because all I had to do was to ask Katie what she thinks about this or that... and she managed all the work! She also has every week a linking party (which I think is so much work I never can believe someone is hosting one voluntary!). And she gave me weeks... months... to carve the stamps in my own time :)

So go over to her to have a closer view of the stamps (if you like them but I hope you do! :) ) and maybe let them be yours?

And if you go over to Katie... have also a look here! Because this is her working area which I am sooooo jealous of! :) I already asked whether she and her man could make some shelves for me! Hey... just across the ocean! ^^

Before I forget it... Did I already mention how much I love to carve stamps? ^^

And before you ask: Yes, if the mail delivery reaches you, I'll send it to you! Just don't forget that I am sending from germany so it may take some time until the mail reaches you :)

Giveaway will remain open until 11:59 pm EST on Thursday, August 25, 2011.
Which would be 05.59 am CEST on Friday, August 26, 2011 (for all the ones with central european summer time like germany) :)


  1. Somebody is going to be soooo lucky!

  2. Awe that is so sweet of you! I'm so excited that we could work together to giveaway such amazing stamps!

  3. so viele - und so viel arbeit, aber da geht es dir wohl wie mir - einmal angefangen und nicht mehr aufhören können. sehen toll aus !!! lg

  4. Just found you from Sew Woodsy...thanks for the beautiful giveaway there!



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