Montag, 15. August 2011

Print with textures / structures...

I got mail from Michelle (Mich L in LA)! Real snail mail (did I ever say how much I love the english wordplay snail mail? :) ) There were two necklaces with jelly fishes inside: One for my little sister and one for me! I'll show you as soon as my sister comes for a visit :)

(this was already the second time Michelle send me jellies, because the first mail was lost :( It was so cool, generous and nice from Michelle to try the post another time and send me jellies again! Really, really thanks Michelle! :) )

In the envelope I found other goodies as well and of course I knew why they were there: Try and play! Oh, I just love to experiment with stuff!

So here is the first stuff I made with the "envelope-goodies"!

Michelle used some place mats to create jewelry out of them (have a look here and here) and gave me some pieces of them. Feeling the flowers in my hand while looking at them my first thought was: Could I use them as stamps?

So I cut them into smaller pieces, used some linolprint colour and... printed with them! I like the rough and non-perfect look they create!

But I have to say I was surprised that the print I loved the most was the one with the background structure which I expected to be the most boring one ^^ (the one on the picture below on the left side)

I'll make some cards the next days (but don't expect them too soon, I already got an answer for my thesis and have to work on some errors / changes / etc) :)


  1. Really - stamps??? Claire, that is genius. Pure genius. I love them! Hooray for playing.

    Boo for your thesis changes, but I hope you can swiftly accomplish what is requested and then be done. I am going to cross my toes until you finish. (Okay, they're already crossed, but still, your professors need to hurry up!)

  2. na was treibst du denn schon wieder hier :o) glg

  3. Ah, schön, als Stempelabdruck sind die wirklich hübsch!

  4. I kove the results too - I don't have much experience with stamping, but this inspires me to keep experimenting!

  5. Thanks!

    Now I just have to try them on fabric! :)

    Jetzt muß ich sie nur noch auf Stoff ausprobieren! :)

  6. I agree, what a brilliant way to use the flowers Claire. And yes, trying them on fabric would make an interesting experiment. Let's see what you do (after the corrections that is...) :)



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